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Work As A Paid Extra in “Flight” starring Denzel Washington

Feature film, “ Flight” starring Academy Award-winner

Denzel Washington and directed by Academy Award-

winner Robert Zemeckis ( “Forrest Gump”, “Contact”,

“Cast Away”) is looking for paid extras—all age

ranges,all types and all ethnicities to work, starting

mid-October in the Atlanta, GA area.


Rate of pay: $64/8; overtime after 8 hrs.

This is the story of Whip (Denzel Washington) an airline

pilot with substance abuse problems who becomes a

hero when he saves lives after his plane has engine


How to submit?

Email a RECENT PHOTO of yourself to and be sure to include the

following information:

Phone number
Clothing sizes
Shoe size
Color make/model of your vehicle
Pets you own

Other questions? Email

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