Roundtable Episode 4: Founders of the Atlanta Film Festival and the Image Film & Video Center

As we move forward in becoming a true southern film powerhouse we risk losing the amazing history of our humble beginnings. It's hard to imagine now with how big it is, but the Atlanta Film Festival hasn't been around forever, and it would be difficult to argue against the idea the fest has had a huge part of so many great advancements for film in the city.

In honor of this, we brought on several of the founders of the Atlanta Film Festival and the IMAGE Film & Video Center to tell their stories of years gone by. We also got to hear about that very first festival and what they think of the growth of the city since then.

Thanks to Dr. Herb Eichelberger, Fran Burst, Gayla Jamison, Larry Robertson, and Bill Vanderkloot for coming on the show, and special thanks to Linda Burns for the idea and hosting this special!


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