Roundtable Episode 3: Producers

While our regular episodes are great for getting to know people personally, to really understand what their jobs are sometimes it's best to sit back and let a bunch of them converse. This is what we've attempted to do in our special series The Roundtable. In part 3 of this series we focused on producers.

Want to understand the producer's role? Trying to gain an understanding of just how different Georgia is now from 20 years ago? Do you just want to know what the heck a producer is in the first place? This is the episode for you.

Listen as Tom Luse (The Walking Dead, Jeepers Creepers), Linda Burns (VHS, The Signal), Suzan Satterfield (Mega Dens, Ground Breakers), William Vanderkloot (Iron Horse, The BIG Documentary Series), and Ken Feinberg (Santa's Boot Camp, 50+ short films through Creative Studios of Atlanta) discuss all these topics and more, hosted again by Pamela DeRitis from Call Time Atlanta!


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