Episode 56: Amber Nash (Archer, Dad's Garage)

Voice actors don't get enough credit for what they do. It's easy to think that it's simply a matter of talking into a mic and going home. According to this week's guest Amber Nash, the voice of Pam from Archer - well, that description is about right. But it's still a lot of work! After we had Archer animator Allyssa Lewis on we wanted to hear what the other side of the voice animation process was like and Amber was nice enough to come on.

We went into a ton more than the voice acting business, though, as Amber has been heavily involved with theatre company Dad's Garage for several years. In fact, she's participating in the June event Dad's Garage and Friends which stars basically everyone on the planet (including Too Many Cook's William Tokarsky who's coming on our show soon!) and goes into that as well. She also tells us about meeting her co-stars, where Pam's voice came from, why she loves living in Atlanta, and a ton more.


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