Episode 19: Rebecca Shrager From the People Store Talent Agency

Actors! If you've ever uttered the question "How do I get an agent?" or "Ugh, why do I need an agent anyway?" then you need to listen to this episode of Atlanta Film Chat. Signing on with an agency is the dream of everyone who's ever even thought about standing in front of an audience and pretend to be someone else. So how do you go about doing this impossible feat?

Turns out, agents are just human beings like the rest of us. To prove that we brought on President & CEO of People Store Rebecca Shrager. People Store has been around for 30+ years now representing actors not just in Atlanta but the entire southeast region. Rebecca has seen it all and agreed to come on and talk about her experiences over the years.

So, for real - if you want representation, listen up. She goes into serious detail on what you should be doing now, the future, and even yesterday to get the attention of an agent. Put down your obviously fluffed up resume and download the episode right now!

Grab the episode below or find us on iTunes:

Download: Episode 19 - Rebecca Shrager from People Store Talent Agency

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