Episode 30: Forbes Top Entrepreneurs Under 30's Tara Ansley

We all know film has the power to change lives. Seeing the right movie can inspire you to push for a better life, change your community, or help those in need. Making movies also gives you the ability to tell your own stories and be heard by the world.

This is why when I contacted Tara Ansley and she mentioned she was on a Native American reservation in South Dakota teaching members of a tribe how to make better films I knew it would make for a great podcast. Little did I know that Tara had so much more to talk about - not only is she into feature film development and financing she was also listed in Forbes' Top 1000 Entrepreneurs Under 30. She's also on the Sundance Institute so there was plenty to talk about!

There's tons of info in this one if you're wondering how your film will ever reach the money goals you want, so make sure to give it a listen.

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