Zombie Cat STUDIOS


......is a full service fabrication shop in Atlanta with talented Resident Artists and open co-op space.  Collectively we specialize in puppets, creature building, welding, prop fabrication and production design while also producing our own original content.


Molly Coffeemollycoffeedesign.com

Victoria Coffee / Coordinator and Accountant

Raymond Carr / ninjapuppetproductions.com

Brandon Ross / brandonrossproductions.com

Dan Slemons / Fabricator and Welder

Spencer Murrill / spencerartproductions.com

Charles Thomas / atlantascreenwriter.com

Nick Morgan / Second Hand Interesting Things

Thomas Trinh / Puppet Builder and Scenic

Laurence Laufer / feverdreaming.com

Megan Hovany / Production Designer, Sculptor

Lauren Coghlan / laurencoghlan.com